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Destino Plutón

They have just published their first album, 'La importancia del contacto virtual', and gave their first live performance at XVII Rendez Vous. Destino Plutón brings back the coolest synth-pop.

Dennis Huddleston

Dennis Huddleston, the man behind 36 and 3six Recordings, talk about his recent album 'Dream Tempest' and how it is to work on your own label.

Moon Dust

Petri Kiviniemi, the sculptor of sounds behind Moon Dust, talks about his early years, his way of making music and the relations between sculpture and music.

Christian Villum

We recently published an article about Uhrlaut Records' business model, which combines free (and legal) downloads with selling albums in records shops. We had the chance of talking to Christian Villum, co-founder of the label. He offers us a wider vision of the new ways of working in the music business.

Javier Leal. Photo by Annie García

Javier Leal talks about 'Holding on to eternity', electronic music and desire for inmortality.