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About us

About the name

The name of this site, The rest is noise, tries to be a double homage: first, to the excellent book by Alex Ross about classical music in the 20th century, The rest is noise (2009). Second, to French musician Pierre Schaeffer, father of the musique concrète, to whom "the only difference between music and noise is the intention".

Declaration of principles

The rest is noise is an independent information site about instrumental, electronic and/or experimental music, including (but not limited to) electronic, glitch, idm, ambient, downtempo, contemporary classic or minimalistic. Its objective is to make artists and their work known, commercially distributed or not.

This site is in no way associated to any record label, promoter, distributor or retailer that may appear in the reviews or advertisements. This site is not for profit: the only motivation behind the team is the love for music.

About facts and opinions

The rest is noise intends to give verified and reliable information. All the content in this site is checked before publishing. However, if you find any mistake, do not hesitate to tell us about it for its correction.

Opinions expressed in this site belong, exclusively, to their authors.

About the contents

All the texts in this site are property of The rest is noise. It is allowed to reproduce them, totally or partially, as long as the source is clearly mentioned and a visible and functional link to it is set.

Pictures used in this site are property of their authors and are used with their explicit consent. Any multimedia content included in this site is property of its author, and is used here with their consent, wether explicit or implied. Whenever it is possible, the authorship of any image or multimedia content will be included.

Non exclusive publishing

The contents in The rest is noise will be, or could be, distributed through social networks, both by their authors or by site users.

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