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Aftermath. Archives of peace

  1. Aftermath # 01
  2. Aftermath # 02
  3. Aftermath # 03
  4. Aftermath # 04
  5. Aftermath # 05
  6. Aftermath # 06
  7. Aftermath # 07

It's been ten years since the release of Aftermath. Archives of peace, and it looks like it had been yesterday. Aftermath is the audible proof of Aes Dana's music timeless nature.

'Aftermath # 01' opens the album in an ominous and dark tone that stays all along the piece. Unlike other works more psytrance oriented, Aftermath is mainly ambient. As it is easly worked out from its titles, each theme is nothing but a part of a whole that maintains a tone more introspective than usual. In 'Aftermath # 2' appear the deep bass sequences, so characteristic from this musician, and the powerful electronic drums, almost industrial. Pascal Auffret gives the theme a very interesting ethnic touch with his voice.

The Aes Dana from posterior works comes early in 'Aftermath #3': this theme, with its crystal clear sequences, would have perfectly fitted, seven years later, in Perimeters. Fourth part is again a 100% atmospheric theme, very simple, almost minimalistic, with interesting layers of drone effects. It works very well as a prelude to 'Aftermath # 5', in which the same atmosphere evolves with hypnotic sequences. Now is Mahiane (Sandrine Gryson) who contributes with her voice, although digitally modified. It is a pity that Aes Dana does not use the vocal resources more often, for they give his themes a bigger depth.

'Aftermath # 6' is another theme totally ethereal. The difference with the opening theme is subtle but important. The initial darkness has made room in time to light and calm: to peace. 'Aftermath # 7', the shortest piece, starts with industrial samples that step aside very soon to make room to... a piano! After all the electronics, all the sequences, samples and effects, the final touch is a beautiful piano melody.

This third album from Vincent Villius was published in a limited edition: only 300 copies. The promo material indicated that 'Aftermath aims to be a series of sound photographies of our "beautiful" world in complete rotation. These Aftermaths which one experiences closely or from afar, at times personal others mediatized, these dark grey or luminous climatic moments. Peace, it seems, becomes precarious, some are trying to archive it'.

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