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  1. Summer
  2. Kick back
  3. Black arrow
  4. Brainbow
  5. Spectral nation
  6. Adjustment
  7. February
  8. Cruise

Earthshine is the fifth studio album by Swedish musician Magnus Birgersson. Solar Fields' sound, or maybe we should say Ultimae Record's sound, is a very characteristic and recognizable one: complex rythmic patterns, nearly organic evolving sequences, surrounding atmospheres... However, Earthshine surprises because it is not the expected Solar Fields' downtempo (sometimes bordering ambient), but this time every theme in the album is pure trance (or progressive trance). Percussion takes over from beginning to end. Birgersson sacrifices the complexity of other works (see Movements) in search of more power. For instance, there are minutes and minutes of 'February' which are just rythm, without any trace of melody. Basses are acid, sequences more repetitive. Sure there are effects and sonic details, but their purpose is never to create atmospheres but hypnotic trance repetitions.

This album is probably the best example of the Solar Fields Dj side. Like if it were a racing car, the acceleration is very fast. In just a few seconds, Solar Fields has place on the floor the whole arsenal of beats. It is easy to imagine a track like 'Adjustement' (or any other in the album, actually) playing in sleepless nights dance floors or Goa music parties. Maybe that's why it received mixed reviews: it is not for everybody's taste. Those looking for the more ambient side of Solar Fields will find here no material at all for their interest. On the other side, progressive trance fans consider this an essential album.

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