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In depth

"Ambient Music must be able to accomodate many levels of listening attention without enforcing one in particular; it must be as ignorable as it is interesting." Brian Eno.

More interesting music of 2014

This is a selection of albums that attracted our attention, surprised or moved us. They are not all of them, but maybe they are useful as a gate to many others which are still out there.

Uhrlaut Records

En 2008, Uhrlaut Records waged, with the publication of 'Small arm of sea', for the pacific co-existence between traditional channels and the opening of new ways of online musical distribution. They were pioneers in a path that is still to be walked.

More interesting music of 2013

It is never our goal in this site to declare an album or a track better or worst than any other. However, like everyone else, we have our taste and preferences.

The screen behind the mirror. Enigma

Enigma is not a band. And is not from France. In fact, Enigma is a musical project by one man called Michael Cretu.

77 Millions Paintings

In '77 millions paintings' we must accept that there's no beginning nor end. It is an endless continuum and every second we are in front of a different and ultimate piece of art which is now, that was not before and is not going to be anymore.

Blade Runner

How does the future sound? If it's dystopic, dark, urban, multicultural, rainy, desperate and sad, then it will sound like Vangelis' Blade Runner.