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  1. Sol
  2. Circles of motion
  3. Discovering
  4. Sky trees
  5. The stones are not too busy
  6. Dust
  7. Das Bungalow
  8. Feelings (album edit)
  9. Patterns
  10. The road to nothingness
  11. Breeze

Talking about Ultimae Records is talking about ambient Champion League. And within this league, one of the featured players  is Magnus Birgersson, the mind behind Solar Fields. Settled in Göteborg (Sweden), Birgersson project is considered one of the most productive and creative musical projects in Scandinavia.

Solar Fields discography is balanced between pure ambient and powerful trance music. This Movements, his sixth studio album, is placed in an affordable middle point, with predominance of downtempo themes. The complex rythmic sequences, a characteristic of Solar Fields' music, take their time to evolve in each theme, over lush and shining atmospheres.

Birgersson's taste for details is patent in the miriad of small electronic effects and sounds that turns each piece into a box of sonic surprises.

The constant structure of the themes, being this slow and atmospheric beginnings, and gradual crescendos that eventually would reach rythm explosions, and pauses placed at the right moment, offer a fluid listening experience and a total immersion into this warm musical universe.

The phisical edition of Movements, like any other by Ultimae, is a beautiful example of good taste and elegance.

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