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  1. Hacia las rocas imantadas
  2. Asíntota del amor
  3. 40000T
  4. El final

Hacia Las Rocas Imantadas define themselves not as a band, but as a collective: one that is formed by David Bailón, Miguel Castro and María Muñoz. Noray (2013) was their debut EP and their steady entrance into the improbable but nonetheless existing Spanish ambient rock scene.

The work opens with the homonymous 'Hacia las rocas imantadas'. The opening guitar riffs may remind you of Mogwai, and the music development does not fall far from the Scottish band. HLRI's atmospheres and hypnotic harmonies are devoided of any anchors to any specific place: they are universal, even cosmic. There are lyrics, but calling this theme a song wouldn't be fair. The treated voice becomes a fantasy barely sketched in the mind, a quasi-subliminal message about memories floating between distant planets.

Although 'Asíntota del amor', the second track, has the length of a possible song, they again prevent any orthodoxy and during the short minutes voices with infinite reverb overlap with guitars, synths and loops, creating a romantic experimental theme. This tightrope walkers and musicians keep the balance on the thin line that they themselves draw, separating the gloomy fragility from the impersonal noise, never falling into the latter.

The trick to the senses keep going with the arpeggios that open '40000T'. Among them converse Bailón's lyrics with no one else than master Yoda, one of his most well known quotes smartly sampled. All this forms a sonic picture over a background of sea waves. No doubt this is the most creative and hypnotic track in the EP, and the one into which you can more easily get lost, without even trying.

They close the debut, appropriately, with 'El final': a beautiful song. Ethereal voices over a more conventional structure of guitar arpeggios and bass that closes with a domestic audio recording. It leaves the idea that everything heard before in Hacia las rocas imantadas was the magical reverse of daily reality.

As a whole, Hacia Las Rocas Imantadas' music carries peace, calm, a vague feeling of daydream and measured movement, in which one is slowly swayed by the sound itself...