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Accidentes creativos

  1. Destino Plutón
  2. Corbatas, trajes y superpoderes
  3. Burbuja de vacío
  4. Vuelvo
  5. La agonía del 7
  6. La cafetera analógica
  7. Destino Plutón (Puntos de Luz Remix)
  8. Corbatas, trajes y superpoderes (JM71 Remix)

In the present musical ecosystem, the term indie has lost its original meaning (the one related to a way of making and publishing music far from big companies and the habitual channels of promotion) and turned into just another label, taken by mainstreams commercial trends. However, the popularity of online and streaming platforms like SoundCloud, BandCamp, Mixcloud, etc. opened new doors for the regeneration of the indie concept, by the hand of musicians and bands which are again independent from labels and companies, that stay away out from the musical market circuits, but yet can reach considerable audiences through mentioned platforms and social networks.

Destino Plutón is one of those indie bands to which the amateur label, although applicable, does not do any justice. Formed by Antonio Ramírez, Javier Galea, Juan Manuel Ávila and Daniel Fito, their musical proposal could be labeled as electronic indie: songs with deep lyrics about themes so apparently different as friendship, parallel worlds, fear of aging, evasion from reality... wrapped in introspective electronics, in the tradition of Depeche Mode or Aviador Dro, which are recognised influences by the members.

Accidentes creativos is their first EP and it includes six themes and two remixes (both by JM71), composed all of them along 2013.

'Destino Plutón' is the their letter of introduction, a catchy tune reminiscent of the 80's in its instrumentation and the voice treatment (and its lyrics, with express mention to Ultravox). It has a melancholic air, of past times nostalgia, that stays for the next track, 'Corbatas, trajes y superpoderes': an expressive theme about the loss of innocence.

Instead of looking for a wide range of different electronic styles, Accidentes creativos maintains an homogeneous tone along themes. The band hang onto slow tempos, and the songs have the right length to be singles on any radio. Instrumentation does not radically change, either (perhaps 'Vuelvo' has a more danceable electronic base than the others, if OBK was ever danceable). 'La agonía del 7', breaking the classical verse-chorus structure, is an emotional piece with echos from the most ambient Placebo.

And there is no synth-pop band that would not include an instrumental theme. 'La cafetera analógica', the EP's closing track (before the remixes) is this theme: a short piece with piano and sampled voices over a rythmic base, bending towards disturbing experimentation during its last third.

JM71 shows its appreciation for disco music in the arrangements he makes in both remixes, where he adds the characteristic rythmic bases of that popular style in Europe a few decades ago, together with more marked bass lines and beautiful flourishes of bright arpeggios.

Despite its title, there is nothing 'accidental' in Accidentes creativos: there is a strong synergy between form and contents in the music Destino Plutón has released so far. It is possible to guess there is a very conscious and well thought election of each sound, each verse and each arrangement, to create a retro-electronic atmosphere in perfect harmony with the message. We said before that their lyric's themes were only apparently different: there is a glimpse of a thread lying under all the themes, a dump of vital and personal experiences which, in the form the band has put them into words (and music), are easily shared. This is their wise move.