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Geometry of Love

Geometry of love
  1. Pleasure principle
  2. Geometry of love part 1
  3. Soul intrusion
  4. Electric flesh
  5. Skin paradox
  6. Velvet road
  7. Near Djaina
  8. Geometry of love part 2

After Metamorphoses in 2000, Jean Michel Jarre published two works that moved clearly away from his stablished style: Geometry of love and Sessions 2000 (released in 2002, despite the title).

Geometry of love was published at fisrt in a very limited edition of 2.000 copies and without any promotion. It was presented at the opening of the exclusive Vip Room club in Paris and has become since then a precious object of collection.

The music contained is much more minimalistic than usual with Jarre, clearly lounge and even with a jazzy touch. The french composer leaves behind his trademark melodies and focus on intimate atmospheres and relaxing grooves. Only the theme that names the album (divided in two parts) dares to high the bpm, but just a little. Hence, it's the only theme ever played live.

The rest of the album is dyed with gloom, romanticism, sensuality, mistery... adjectives all of them difficult to fit into Jarre's music before Metamorphoses, and that unfortunately didn't have any continuity.

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