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  1. Les autres jours
  2. Un peu
  3. Nardas

Memoryscapes are three short pieces of electroacoustic sound, composed between November 2012 and February 2013 in Marseilles (France). In Clara's own words, "although not conceived to be part of the same album, each composition became an extension of the precedent, coming out from a common query, in which subjectivity and personal introspection are a choice".

Les autres jours is a brilliant theme that starts with evocative sounds of a microscopic nature that stretches slowly. In its second half, the glitchs become mute questions marks that fade away without getting any answers. Un peu is an electroacoustic micro-poem in which we can listen to the voice and poetry of Laura Vazquez, Clara's partner in ElFuegoFatuo. Nardas closes the mini-Ep as the most compact theme of the whole: a wall of sound and glitch effects superbly disposed in the space.

Afincada en Marsella, Clara de Asís es compositora electroacústica y guitarrista. Su estilo se basa en la música improvisada y la experimentación sonora, y ella misma se construye sus propios aparatos electrónicos de generación sónica. Participó en la primera Laptop Orchestra de Andalucía en 2010 y en múltiples festivales de música experimental como FamFest, Intr:muros Lab o UBICUA'12. Sus piezas sonoras han sonado en France Musique, Radio Grenouille, Radia y en la Cité de la Musique de Marseille, donde cursa estudios de composición electroacústica. También forma parte del colectivo poético intermedia ElFuegoFatuo.

Settled in Marseilles (France), Clara de Asís is an electroacoustic composer and guitarist. Her style is based on improvisation and sonic experimentation, and she builds herself the devices to produce the sounds. She participated in the first Laptop Orchestra of Andalusie (2010) and has taken part in several festivals of experimental music, like FamFest, Intr:muros Lab or UBICUA'12. Her pieces have been promoted in France Musique, Radio Grenouille, Radia and the Cité de la Musique de Marseille, where she pursues studies on electroacoustic composition. She's also a founding member of the intermedia and poetic collective, ElFuegoFatuo.

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