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Take my soul

  1. Breakfast
  2. Take my soul
  3. In The Dark Light
  4. Nie Zdjęłam Płaszcza
  5. Take my soul (Ghost Of A Kid Remix)

While I was listening to Take my soul for the first time, I raised my hand to the headphones for a couple of times, for I thought they had a problem, but they didn't: those were cuts and noises made on purpose, the raw material with which eStrange builds its dark musical dreams. In Take my soul, strangeness and emotion go by the hand.

eStrange is a duo formed by Kirill, an electronic musician from Moscow, and Malwina A. Tkacz, singer and songwriter from Częstochowa (Poland). In this days of virtual contact it is no surprise that they have never met each other, but they work in the distance. Malwina records the voice and the piano and sends it to Kirill who turns those sounds into samples and wraps them with his abstract atmospheres of pulsing sounds, noises and distorted echoes.

The five themes that form the EP are sick-love balads, gloomy trip-hop in the line of Portishead (in fact, the pair has published a couple of covers of the band from Bristol) or Björk. Over Kirill's alienating sound collage, Malwina's voice sounds warm and misterious at the same time, attractive, charming and dangerous like a Siren calling from the rocks. eStrange gets a delicate balance between the Russian's rich sonic space and the Polish's angelical voice, making the listening always intriguing and surprising. A miraculous result of a casual encounter in the vast sea of information, beauty arised from bytes, sinusoidal waves, faltering rythms and distant voices.