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SX in HrZland

  1. Volcanos and rivers
  2. Emoland (ambient flashes)
  3. Rainbow off the sky

Stalo Xinari, the person behing SXtheMadArtist, is a polifacetic artist from Nicosia (Cyprus). Her creative field includes paint, digital art design, photography, video-art and, of course, electronic music production. As a composer, producer and Dj, Xinari has a huge fan base in social networks. Specially to them, she released in 2012 the EP SX in HrZland, online and free. It has three themes, representative of her downtempo style (although in other works Stalo is closer to dub and dance music).

The first track, the long 'Volcanos and rivers', has a quasi-ambient beginning over which gently appear a repetitive sequence and the rythmic base. Without developing any recognisable melody, the theme earns deepness with the superposition of pads layers. In general, it is in the same line as Aes Dana, for instance, although it doesn't reach the structural complexity so common in the musician from Lyon.

As its title announces, 'Emoland (ambient flashes)' is a short transitional piece, more atmospheric and ambient. It has a soft ethnic touch during its last seconds, suggesting that it could have been an interesting prelude to a more developed theme which would have combined ethnic sounds into a complex electronic structure.

And 'Rainbow off the sky' takes again the downtempo rythms and sequences, strightforward like in 'Volcanos and rivers', but brighter and more metallic. The theme's sudden ending may be disconcerting and no doubt it leaves hoping for more.

SX in HrZland is just a sample of SXtheMadArtist potential to produce electronic music rich in sounds and rythms, and its short length is its only handycap. Fortunately, Xinari is a really prolific artist and her SoundCloud profile is full of themes and mixes ready to enjoy.

You can download SX in HrZland from BandCamp clicking here.


Greetings and many many thanx for the review :) keep it up!!

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