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Winter blaze

  1. Earth shaking
  2. Winter came to me
  3. Back in time
  4. Forgetting the past
  5. Rain and fire
  6. Crying land
  7. Elements of sadness
  8. Time remains
  9. Give me an answer
  10. Rebuilding the planet
  11. Taking my chance
  12. Play pleasure
  13. A new beginning
  14. A world without you

It is ver uncommon that a musician can totally separate his work from his personal circumstances. It is commonly the opposed and music becomes reflection of a time, an event or feelings. This album is a good example.

"Like a course, my compositions became true, making me live them in person. I wanted to write about the suffering of our planet, like hard winter, earthquakes, heavy rains and floods, but it was myself who got damaged. When I had Winter came already recorded and Rain and fire almost finished, winter came to me in the shape of flood. It entered my house and throw me out for a few months. I had to take the album up again in an improvised studio at my parent's house. Considering I had recently gone through a difficult personal period, those where months that marked me forever. Inevitably the album became a blend of those events and my personal overcoming. Winter was cold, but burned my in the inside, it was a winter blaze. That is Winter blaze." Cyborgdrive, on his notes from Winter blaze.

Winter blaze is the ninth studio album from Cyborgdrive, an electronic musician settled in Chiclana (Cádiz, Spain). It contains eight instrumental themes and six vocal ones, in the usual Cyborgdrive style, that is electro-pop and epic techno from the 90's. Without exception, the themes have forceful melodies and rythms. The sound is brilliant, sometimes overelaborated, and the use of sequences, Cyborgdrive's trademark, is in some moments a master class.

The use of his own voice, although modulated with a vocoder, is not common in Cyborgdrive's albums. However, in Winter blaze it acquires a thankfully prominence, making a more varied whole and a more interesting listening experience. Time remains has very strong influences from Depeche Mode, and Taking my chance would have been a hit in the dance-floors only if this album had been released ten years before.

Prior to the release, Cyborgdrive made available to his fans a maxi-single, Winter came to me, that included a Rain and fire radio-edit and mixes of Winter came to me by fellow musicians Xethis, Everkindness and Complexystems.