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Most interesting music of 2014 (that we heard of)

2014 ended and we are, once more, feeling this bittersweet: happines for all the good music we discovered, and at the same time sadness, for all the music we know we left behind.

Here we present a selection of albums that attracted our attention, surprised or moved us. They are not all of them, but maybe they are useful as a gate to many others which are still out there.

The rest is noise chose...

Selección de 2014

Bécs. Such an spectacular cover could only predict something good. Abstract atmospheres shape the enigmatic and challenging sonic world of Fennesz.

La importancia del contacto virtual. Destino Pluton's debut is a production luxury and inspired lyrics. High quality Spanish synth pop.

Polar bears are coming. The most experimental proposal this year comes from Asturias (Spain), by LCC duo. Glitch sounds, sonic collages, Sonidos glitch, collages sonoros, rythms and inspired melodies. Only weakness? It's too short!

Sierra. The Echelon Effect invites us to travel through sonic landscapes of peace and tranquility in this album of electro-acoustic music.

6 reflections. Finishing the year, Markus Reuter rewarded his fans with this free-download compilation. Two studio themes, two live-recorded and a remix. Ambient music with the electric guitar in center of the stage.

Enfold01. To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Ultimae Records also offered a free downloadable compilation, in which no classic name is missing: Aes Dana, Miktek, I awake... And others, all of them in the ambient/downtempo hallmark of the label.

Quiet is the new loud. The darkest ambient came from Sweden. Motionfield opened the Autoload label with this hard album.

Kiasmos. When Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen come together, appear Kiasmos. Their homonymous album is a unique mixture of experimental minimalism and synthetic electropop.

Atomos. This album by A winged victory for the sullen contains the music written for a contemporary dance work by coreographer Wayne McGregor, premiered in London in October 2013. Contemporary classic, orchestral ambient... a jewel beyond labels.

A history of distance. Prolific Bvdub closed 2014 with this album of long dreamy ambient suites and lively techno-ambient passages.

Paco Butrón (aka Cyborgdrive) chose...

Selección de 2014

Chroma. LP debut of Norweigian band Three Winters. Eleven dreamwave themes that are both retro and futuristic.

Two Fold: Part One. Austrian born musician Martin Vogt produced this album, in which he combines synthetic and organic elements. In his own words, "the relationship between absence and presence that characterize our lifes is the philosophical foundation of Two Fold: Part One".

The inevitable end. Röyksopp says goodbye to phisical formats with this their fifth album. A golden highlight to their discography, made of brilliant bittersweet instrumentals and powerful collaborations by Robyn, Jamie Irrepressible and Susanne Sundfør.

It's album time. Eclectic disco music with a 70's vibe by Norweigian Todd Terje. And a ballad: a cover of Robert Palmer's 'Johny and Mary' classic, sung by Bryan Ferry.

Staub. The post-electronic by German Spyra combines krautrock sequences with neoclassical structures in these recordings, half-way between improvisation and epic.

Frequency Modulations. It is from 2014, but it could have been from 1986: electronic drums, shining synths and the voices of Dana Jean Phoenix and Sally Shapiro to travel back in time thirty years...

Hydrostatic. Third album by Teeel is a nod to New Order and Daft Punk, to synth pop and house.

To love until we say goodbye. Although he is well known in the techno scene since 2006, this is the album debut by Marc Marzenit. 14 tracks of tech-house, result of three years of creative work.

Blackstar Act Two: Awakening. Electronics, heavy metal, industrial and dark ambient for this soundtrack to a fantasy and science-fiction book, signed by Celldweller.

Dream tempest. Dreamy arpeggios and gliding synthesizers are the ingredients of this, the brightest and more colorful album by 36 to date.