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Living Room Concert

Martin Juhls is a Dj and musician from Dortmund (Germany) who divides his musical production into two projects: the Marsen Jules Trio (together with brothers Anwar and Jan-Philipp Alam) and Krill.Minima. Under this second moniker he publishes his more experimental works.

Realmente, Living Room Concert no es un disco en sentido convencional, sino la grabación de un live-set, un concierto que Krill.Minima ofreció en Colonia (Alemania), y que el propio músico ha puesto a disposición de todos los que no pudieron asistir a través de SoundCloud. Se trata de una larga sesión de corte minimalista y abstracto, en la que la composición se realiza en tiempo real superponiendo sonidos y experimentando con ellos, creando patrones rítmicos y pausas, loops y texturas de expresionismo envolvente. En una entrevista, Juhls ha reconocido la influencia en su música de escuelas como el 'Studio für Electronische Musik' de Colonia, el 'Groupe de Recherches Musicales' de París o el movimiento neoyorkino de música minimalista.

Actually, Living Room Concert is not an album in the conventional way, but a live-set recording: a concert Krill.Minima gave in Cologne (Germany). The musician himself made this set available to everybody through SoundCloud. It is a long set, with a minimalist and abstract character, in which the composition is made in real-time, overlaying sounds and experimenting with them, creating rhytmic patterns and pauses, loops and surrounding expresionistic textures. In an interview Juhls admitted the influences in his music of schools like the 'Studio für Electronische Musik' in Cologne, the 'Groupe de Recherches Musicales' in Paris or the New York movement of minimalist music.

There's an apparent contradiction between a concert, as a multitudinary musical event, and a living-room, as a cosy and intimate space. However, Krill.Minima avoids the paradox offering in Living Room Concert an emotional and deep musical experience, which demands attention and a dedicated listening and, at the same time, the skills and unpredictability of a live event. The music flows in a sonic continuum, sometimes fast, sometimes in absolute peace. Every clic, glitch and jamming has a role and is essential in the construction of this sonic landscape, as abstract as warm and welcoming.