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Night Falls

  1. Nightfalls
  2. Never leave
  3. Dis
  4. Dis (reverberation)
  5. Bending time
  6. Aback
  7. Come home
  8. Giants
  9. Magnetism
  10. Red sky
  11. Above
  12. I am you


Ben Lukas Boysen, Hecq, is a producer, composer and sound designer and has worked, among others, in advertising campaigns for BMW, Cartier, Greenpeace or Lacoste. Night falls is his fifth studio album, and was a radical change in a more IDM-oriented career until that moment.

In Night falls, Hecq leaves aside the rythms and focus on dark atmospheres and neo-classical orchestral arrangements. Themes like Never leave or the impressive I am you are pieces with a noticeable cinematic character, with epic crescendos so uncommon in ambient music, but Hecq manages them with mastery. In others, like Dis (reverberation), Hecq shows a more experimental side, using interesting but uneasy sound effects. In Bending time, on the other hand, the protagonist is a short, distant and melancholic piano, well wrapped with minimal pads. The album as a whole keeps an stable equlibrium between tonality and atonality, between inspiring sound scapes and dark experiments, a perfect merge of electronics and orchestra, contention and epic, until it reaches the liberation and ecstasy in I am you.

Probably the ambient label doesn't fit well this work by Lukas Boysen, since Night falls is not background music at all: it punches and catches you while listening, demanding a well deserved attention.