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Kings without a crown

Kings without a crown
  1. Cosmic mission
  2. Wir sind After the Rain
  3. A pleasure like you
  4. Everything is possible
  5. Mirrored eyes
  6. The target is you
  7. Invincible (you are the one)
  8. Future will be fine
  9. Every second
  10. Lost without you
  11. Sieged
  12. Shining star
  13. A pleasure like you (Javi Grex Remix)
  14. Wir sind After the Rain (Cyborgdrive Remix)

Amuza Producciones opened in 2015 its catalogue of alone artists, after publishing two compilations of electronic music (Synthetic Generation y Little Book of Horrors). And they chose the band After the rain to do so, validating their bet for synth-pop as the main genre within their line of work.

After the rain was formed in 2011 when Yun L. Díaz (guitars and programming) and José Ícaro (voice, keyboards and programming) met. The former had played in several pop-rock bands, and the latter had already published two albums by himself (A ras de suelo, 2002; Mundo interior, 2009), another with Mosaico (Relatos, vivencias y pasiones, 1998) and numerous collaborations with important bands of electronic pop, such as Azul y Negro or Silica Gel.

Before Kings without a crown, they already had worked with Amuza: in Synthetic Generation as well as in Little Book of Horrors, presenting one of the most powerful themes in the compilation dedicated to El Torres. And precisely, strength is one of the constant characteristics of their first full album. It is formed by twelve powerful tracks, from the synth-pop in the first 'Cosmic mission', also chosed as the single, to the techno-pop of 'Sieged' or the electronic rock.

The band acknowledges Depeche Mode among its musical influences, one that will jump out at you the moment you listen to the bass sequence and electronic drumset and will be confirmed with the theme's vocal games in 'A pleasure like you', an authentic piece of electronic rock in the style of the British. 'Future will be fine' or 'Every second' are other instances of this less-pop-and-more-rock, but still electronic side of After the Rain.

'Everything is possible' is an upbeat ballad, probably the tune that would bring the lighters, or mobile phones, up. And you may find reminiscences of another British duo in 'Mirrored eyes': Pet Shop Boys in their danceable mood.

The base in 'The target is you' is darker, with a powerful use of the deep bass and featuring rythmic guitars. A third British band may come to mind: Paradise Lost and their experimental (and mostly misunderstood) Host (1999).

El disco se cierra con dos remixes: el que Javi Grex ha hecho de 'A pleasure like you', convirtiendo el tema prácticamente en rock orquestal, y 'Wir sind after the rain' remezclado por Cyborgdrive, quien ha sido también el encargado de masterizar todo el álbum.

Kings without a crown closes with two remixes: the one that Javi Grex made from 'A pleasure like you', turning the theme into nearly orchestral rock, and 'Wir sind after the rain', remixed by Cyborgdrive, who is also responsible for the mastering of the whole album.

En su debut, los madrileños han apostado sobre seguro con un estilo de electrónica que mantiene una tradición de bandas a las que es imposible eludir. A esa tradición se une After the rain.

In their debut, the band from Madrid has bet on a sure thing with a style that keeps a a tradition of bands impossible to elude. After the rain joins that tradition.

Kings without a crown can be purchased directly at Amuza Producciones website.