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A light in the darkness

Insight. A light in the darkness.
  1. Sensations
  2. A long time
  3. Fame
  4. Alive
  5. The same mistake
  6. Insane
  7. My window
  8. Damage
  9. Alone
  10. Woman in black

The Spanish electronic scene likely has a relevance in Barcelone that lacks in the rest of the country. And it does so in a wide range, including from techno raves to experimental projects which would hardly see the light in any other place. From this eclectic ecosystem, a breeding ground for talent, comes Insight, the personal project of Raúl Muñoz-Torrero.

When talking about synthpop, it seems indispensable to mention fundational bands such as Depeche Mode, but those are not Insight's main references. With A light in the darkness, his debut album, the musician from Barcelone has been able to grow apart towards its own style, marked in this case by Cyborgdrive's  production. Raúl's vocal register moves his themes closer to the territory of  German De/Vision or, in a song like 'Insane', to the British Placebo.

The album opens with the instrumental 'Sensations', a short prelude built on powerful sounds, wide basses and a playful melody that gives way to 'A long time', the true beginning of the album and a theme which defines the stylistic basis of themes to come: powerful drums and sequences, lush synth arrangements, occasional guitars and very enjoyable melodies.

This is a frame that repits on 'Fame', an interesting song about the price of being famous. The lyrics of A light in the darkness, sung in English, and the universal themes they are about, are a chance that plays in favor of the project's international impact.

'The same mistake' was chosen as first single. It may not have a melody as catchy as 'Insane' (our favourite theme), but it is nonetheless very representative of the whole sound. It's been released also online, together with remixes by Silica Gel, Alexis Voice, L2M and Cyborgdrive himself.

Closing the album is 'Woman in black', where Insight dares to bring a solemn highlight with short orchestral arrangements (it is a pity that they don't have a bigger presence).

In sume, A light in the darkness is a bunch of themes that pass by in the blink of an eye, but at the same time leave a pleasant desire to come back to them. Instrumentation has the exact level of excess to fill up without saturation; melodies are simply right, lyrics are interesting, the voice has personality. With his first LP, Insight has placed the bar very high.