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Third eye open

  1. Architecture of mind
  2. Calm minimal
  3. Darkness
  4. Dream of flying
  5. The sea (will tell)
  6. Voodoo
  7. War

Moon Dust is the musical project of Finnish Petri Kiviniemi, who built his small home-studio in his place not far from the North Pole. Out of the natural environment at those latitudes and twenty years working as sculptor, has raised the particular electronic sound that Kiviniemi displays in Third eye open, his first EP, published by Kalma Records. In the words of Kiviniemi himself, his music "is a mix of strange tunes, darkness and harmony between rhythm and sounds".

Moon Dust moulds his musical sculptures from a rythmic skeleton, powerful and repetitive in some tracks, like 'Darkness', or contained and minimalistic in others (like 'Dream of flying'). Over this frame he adds layers and layers of synthetic textures, glitch sounds and surrounding effects. Melodies are reduced to the minimun: in Third eye open it is the creation of atmospheres what matter, wether these are evocative or dark, relaxing or threatening.

'Architecture of mind', the opening piece, starts with tiny sounds and effects that go in crescendo and soon open the door to a playful base of electric bass and drum set. On top, some pads and a bright but minimalistic melody create a composition evocative of urban, dinamic and modern environments. There is nothing remotely related to the ambient music we are used to listen to coming from Finland. The trend stays with 'Calm minimal', which starts with a heavy downtempo rythm. In this track Kiviniemi even gets to achieve a certain ethnicity in its sound.

'Darkness' is the most powerful piece within the EP, an eight minutes extension of underground urban sounds, with a minimal rythm and dirty synths, raising the adrenaline while we wander along dark alleys where only neon flashes send out some light. What fly in 'Dream of flying', if anything, are the flangers. It is the most ethereal theme, but in Third eye open there are no luminous tracks. 'The sea (will tell)' works as a continuation of the previous one: the rythm is faster, but instrumentation is similar and flangered pads are still featured. A repetitive sequence invites to move the head rythmically. If the sea was indeed the inspiration for this music, it would not be a calmed Artic ocean, but the frenzied bustle of a commercial harbour.

'Voodoo' has a funky rythm definitely unlike and unexpected but, no matter what, it works perfectly in the whole. If 'Darkness' was the dark side of a city, 'Voodoo' could be the music from nighttime dancing rituals, or secret parties in hidden dancefloors. 'War' closes the EP with the only thing that could be called ambient out of all we have listened so far. However, Moon Dust does not give up to experimentation, not even here, and he adds some layers of unease to the composition.

In sume, Third eye open is a very interesting piece of work emerging from cold; experimental and bleak sound coming from the dark side of psyche.