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  1. Introducción (el cuerpo)
  2. The beginning
  3. Targets
  4. And I was born
  5. Emotions
  6. La muerte
  7. Introducción (la máquina)
  8. I am working
  9. Engranajes
  10. The sky
  11. Reloj
  12. Simply you (parts 1 & 2)
  13. Introducción (el futuro)
  14. The noise
  15. The colours
  16. The videogame
  17. Walking heads
  18. Life lab

The Lab is the artistic name of Madrid based duo José Corredera and Miguel Lázaro. They started their musical project back in 1980 under the name VMG, with which they published Escuchando imágenes in 1998. This debut album was the soundtrack for Bernardo Rivavelarde's digital art exhibition of the same title, and it had an extremely limited edition of 500 copies, being today a rare item.

Published in 2003, already as The Lab, Homodigitalis put the duo on top of the Spanish electronic music scene: it was nominated to Best Electronic Music Album and the track 'Emotions' to Best Electronic Music Theme in the Spanish Music Awards that year.

The music in Homodigitalis is, again, the soundtrack for an equally titled audiovisual work by Rivavelarde, premiered at Madrid National Library and toured around Spain, Europe and South America.

The album is divided in three parts, each one introduced by a female voice: an entity maybe real, maybe virtual, maybe both. Ballardian man-machine duality is the leit-motive that brings together the work: the first part is the body, the organic being which is born, evolves and, unavoidably, dies. Within these first themes, the voice has a bigger presence, as elegiac choir ('And I was born') or modified through vocoder ('Targets'). In the second part, the machine, industrial and mechanical sounds prevail. However, the warmth and the truly inspired melodies ('Engranajes') do not vanish. The machine in Homodigitalis is neither cold or alienating: it is the only logical response that the cyberpunk universe offers to the human being's desire for trascendence. In the third part, the future, the flesh-metal union consummates in a new binary entity with a whole universe to discover. Musically, the elements from previous parts are mixed together: the voices and sequences ('The noise') with the industrial and experimental rythms ('The videogame').

The first nature of this music, as an art exhibition soundtrack, has a clear influence in the themes' length, which were however re-recorded by Corredera and Lázaro specifically for its album edition, smoothing the transitions and even linking some themes together.

Musically, The Lab came ahead of its time: with more than a decade in his back, Homodigitalis is written in a style which did not grow old, but it is still plenty contemporary. In its concept, the album is a milestone in cyberpunk music in its more melodic aspect (in the line, for instance, of Vangelis' Blade Runner), and it is without any doubt one of the most important electronic music albums published in Spain.